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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Plano & Frabill become one

So, we are all familiar with the tackle box maker, Plano.  I know I have owned many different tackle systems over the years and I would wager 90+% of those were by Plano.  They make a huge variety of cases and boxes, and they are all high quality in my opinion.  As for Frabill, if you own a decent net, or minnow bucket, its probably a Frabill!  Again, great quality tools and a great variety of products on the market. Well, as of June 18th, they are now one and the same.

Plano is buying Frabill, and subsequently these two powerhouses will now be one.  There have been no indications of whether a name change is immanent.  Considering the longevity of both companies (Plano since 1932, Frabill since 1938) and their immediate brand recognition I would not be surprised to see both names continue to be used on their unique items.  Given these are both companies who have shown year after year they are serious about quality, I think as a consumer we will see no downfall in quality or increase in pricing.  The two do not compete head to head, rather they work hand in hand which makes this a perfect fit for a joining of companies.  Normally the angler loses out when companies are consumed, but I think this merger will be a non-impact; but only time will tell...

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